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100 years Royal Hilverda Group!

Quality, integrity and transparency. Since 1909.

The name Hilverda stands for a solid family business which has operated independently and successfully in the international horticulture sector for 100 years. This is no small feat in a time of increased scope, internationalisation and changing market relationships. Impressive, but not a matter of chance.

A common characteristic of all businesses within the Royal Hilverda Group is our continual quest for quality: in our products, our techniques, our logistics, our organisation and our employees. We are also an organisation with integrity. At Hilverda, we believe in doing business responsibly. That means upholding agreements, transparency in our business dealings, and being a reliable partner. In this way, we show how much we value the trust of our clients, suppliers and partners.

Yet our success is also the result of making choices. And this requires some courage. For instance, we chose to decentralise several business activities. Transferring part of our production to countries closer to our sales market has allowed us to achieve significant savings in energy requirements and transport costs. At the same time, we are working to promote sustainability and the continuity of our company.

We have grown noticeably over the past few years. Takeovers and new cooperative agreements have given our organisation a strong push forward. The current strength, expertise and scope of the Royal Hilverda Group put us in a position to remain competitive in the long term. We still continue to invest in product development and innovative techniques. That too is a question of making choices and taking risks. We don’t believe there’s any such thing as coincidence.

Jan J. Hilverda
Director, Royal Hilverda Group