Royal Hilverda Group international

Groundbreaking business practices

Groundbreaking business practices have yielded rewards.
Royal Hilverda Group consists of several subsidiaries and joint ventures worldwide.
HilverdaFlorist Colombia
One of the subsidiaries is HilverdaFlorist, which has been active in Colombia for over 30 years. It has grown into the market leader of the propagation of base material for carnations and alstroemerias in this country. The products propagated by HilverdaFlorist Colombia are sold locally, but are also exported to other Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico.
HilverdaFlorist Colombia logo
Horti Partners, Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands
Formed out of the cooperation between HilverdaFlorist and H.M. Tesselaar. Using advanced techniques, HortiPartners focuses on the breeding and selection of pot alstroemeria (Intiancha®) and cut alstroemeria. Furthermore, the breeding business tests new varieties semicommercially, collecting valuable information from the market.
Horti Partners logo
Murara Plants Ltd., Kericho, Kenya
Established in the Kericho district in western Kenya. Millions of cuttings are produced here annually for the purpose of worldwide export.
Murara Plants Kenya logo
KF Bioplants, Pune, India
Formed out of the cooperation between Florist Holland B.V. and the Kumar Group, this ISO-certified production facility produces young plants under sterile and environmentally ideal conditions. These are intended for the local Indian market and worldwide export. In the labs for plant tissue culture, with a surface area of about 12,000m┬▓, 800 qualified employees propagate new gerbera varieties. KF Bioplants works with products from other businesses as well, such as orchids, lilies, and many more floriculture products.
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